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VIBRANT SITA NEXTGEN Commercial Project at supar corridor It Hub, Indore New Commercial Project | super Corridor Indore

 VIBRANT SITA NEXTGEN Commercial Project

THere's the detailed and structured presentation of the "VIBRANT SITA NEXTGEN" commercial project in Super Corridor, Indore, based on the image and previously provided information.

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Strategically Situated: Super Corridor, Indore

Proximity: Near major tech hubs including Yash Technology, TCS, and Infosys

Prime Location : High potential for growth due to proximity to tech hubs and densely populated areas.

- Connectivity: Well-connected by road and public transport, ensuring easy access for employees and customers

Building Design

- Architect: Sanjay Joshi from BlackInk

- Design Highlights: 

  - State-of-the-art building design

  - Visually appealing elevation

  - Functional space layout catering to modern business needs

The image shows a modern, multi-story commercial building.

- It features large glass windows and multiple floors, including a ground level presumably for retail spaces and upper levels for office spaces.

- The architectural design is sleek and contemporary, indicative of a premium commercial property

Floor Configuration


- Two Floors: 

  - Dedicated to basement parking

  - Ample space to accommodate a large number of vehicles

Ground & First Floor

- Retail Spaces: 

  - Designed for showrooms

  - Prime visibility and accessibility

  - High footfall areas, ideal for retail businesses

Second Floor

- Retail Spaces with Open Terrace:

  - Perfect for dining or leisure activities

  - Attractive environment for customers

Third to Twelfth Floor

- Office Spaces:

  - All front-facing

  - Optimal views and natural light

  - Designed for a productive work environment

Investment Opportunity

- Flexible Payment Plan:

  - Convenient for investors

  - Tailored to fit various financial strategies

Showrooms Plan

- Prime Location:

  - Ground and first floors allocated for showrooms

  - Designed to attract high footfall and maximize visibility


- Ensures maximum customer engagement

- Modern and appealing layout

- Future Office Plan:

  - Proximity to tech hubs attracting a professional workforce

  - Ideal for businesses looking for a strategic location

Densely Populated Areas :

- Nearby Residential Areas:

  - High population density

  - Potential customer base for retail spaces and showrooms

  - Growing demand for office spaces due to nearby tech companies

1: Project Summary (Commercial Low Rise)

Commercial projects Super Corridor

1. Plot Area

   - In Sq. Meter: 5810.00

   - In Sq. Yard: 6948.76

   - In Sq. Feet: 62515.60

1. Plot and Built-Up Area

  • Total Plot Area : 5810 Sq. Meters
  • Permissible Built-Up Area : 2324 Sq. Meters
  • Proposed Built-Up Area : 2322.01 Sq. Meters

2.Floor Space Index (FSI)

  • Permissible FSI Area : 15106 Sq. Meters
  • Proposed FSI Area : 15061.7 Sq. Meters
  • Balance FSI Area : 44.29 Sq. Meters

3. Proposed Built-Up Area Distribution

  • Ground Floor to 12th Floor with specific areas allocated to each floor.
  • Total Proposed Built-Up Area: 183554.20 Sq. Meters

2. Permissible Built-Up Area (40%)

  • 2324.00 Sq. Meters

3. Proposed Built-Up

  • 2322.01 Sq. Meters

4. Permissible F.S.I. Area (2.60)

  • 15106.00 Sq. Meters

5. Proposed F.S.I. Area

  •    Ground Floor: 2148.66
  •    1st Floor: 2148.66
  •    2nd Floor: 1192.67
  •    3rd to 5th Floor: 3577.99
  •    6th to 7th Floor: 2124.60
  •    Typical Floor (8th to 12th Floor): 5846.84
  •    Total: 17039.42 Sq. Meters

   Less Passage Area :

  •  Ground Floor: 59.11
  •  1st Floor: 187.98
  •  2nd Floor: 176.25
  •  3rd to 5th Floor: 466.31
  •  6th to 7th Floor: 310.87
  •  Typical Floor (8th to 12th Floor): 777.18
  •  Total: 1977.7 Sq. Meters

6. Total F.S.I. Area

  • 15061.7 Sq. Meters

7. Balance F.S.I. Area

  • 44.29 Sq. Meters

8. Proposed Built-Up Area

  • Ground Floor: 22010.63
  • 1st Floor: 21696.44
  • 2nd Floor: 12921.75
  • rd to 5th Floor: 39331.98
  • 6th to 7th Floor: 23288.00
  • Typical Floor (8th to 12th Floor): 64305.40
  •  Total: 183554.20 Sq. Meters

Vibrant Sita NextGen-

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▪️Flexible Payment Plan

   - Designed to accommodate various financial strategies.

Contact Information :-

- Realmaker Group : For personalized assistance, detailed investment guidance, and specific project information.

This summary combines the quantitative data from the project summary screenshot and the qualitative visual details from the building design screenshot, providing a comprehensive overview of the "VIBRANT SITA NEXTGEN" commercial project.


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