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Emerald Corridor: Luxury Living in Indore- Emerald Developers | Agarwal Emerald Corridor in Budhaniya, Indore | Emerald Corridor Project

The Emerald Corridor is an exquisite residential plotting project by Emerald Developers, located in a prime green annex of Indore. Here are the key details:

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Proposed Layout

Plan for Residential Development on land bearing Khasra Nos. 403/2 and 404/2/1 at Village Budhania, Tehsil Hatod & District Indore.

Area Statement

  • Total Land Area: 27,880 sq. mts.
  • Total Land Available at Site: 25,972 sq. mts.
  • Area Under Road (IDP-2021): 2,542 sq. mts.
  • Net Planning Area: 23,430 sq. mts. (100%)

Detailed Area Distribution

  1. Residential Plots Area:11,927 sq. mts. (50.90%)
  2. Residential Cum Commercial Plots Area:1,003 sq. mts. (4.28%)
  3. EWS Plots Area: 413 sq. mts. (1.76%)
  4. LIG Plots Area: 413 sq. mts. (1.76%)
  5. Park Area: 2,343 sq. mts. (10.00%)
  6. Services Area: 235 sq. mts. (1.00%)
  7. Road Area: 7,096 sq. mts. (30.29%)

Area Statement for EWS & LIG Plots

Total Saleable Developed Plots Area: 13,756 sq. mts.

Reserved Plots Area for EWS: 413 sq. mts. (11 plots)

 Plots: 113 to 123

Reserved Plots Area for LIG: 413 sq. mts. (6 plots)

Plots: 98 to 101, 111, and 112

Project Emerald Corridor Overview

 Proposed Layout :

Plan for Residential Development on land designed for "Project Emerald Corridor".

 Detailed Area Distribution :

Residential Plots:  Various plot sizes with designated numbering.

Parks: Centrally located parks and green spaces.

Service Areas: Allocated service areas.

Road Network: Well-planned internal road network ensuring connectivity.

Plot Distribution

The layout shows a systematic distribution of plots along with their respective numbers. Key plots and their locations are as follows:

North Side: Plots 1 to 16.

Central Park Area: Surrounding plots include 56 to 58, 70 to 79, and 136 to 138.

East Side: Plots 17 to 39.

South Side: Plots 31 to 47.

West Side: Plots 48 to 55 and 80 to 125.

Special Areas: Designated service areas and parks.

Road Details : 

 9.00 M Wide Roads: Major roads facilitating movement within the project.

Circulation Road: Specific road marked as "Circulation Road" for easy navigation.

Connectivity and Location Advantages

Adjacent Roads: Proximity to proposed 45 M wide I.D.P. road connecting to Hatod and the Super Corridor, indicating strong connectivity.

Accessibility: Easy access to surrounding areas and major roads.

Additional Connectivity Features 

Proximity to Upcoming Metro Station: Ensures easy and efficient transportation.

Developing IT and Educational Zone: Located near the Super Corridor, which is rapidly developing as a major hub for IT and education.

Strategic Investment Opportunity: The area is expected to see significant growth with planned mega projects, making it an ideal investment for future returns.

Amenities and Features :

The project is designed with modern amenities to enhance the living experience of its residents. The amenities typically include:

Landscaped Entrance: A grand entrance with landscaping for aesthetic appeal.

 Green Spaces and Parks: Dedicated park areas making up 10% of the total area for recreation and relaxation.

Service Areas: Allocated space for essential services.

 Well-Planned Roads: Efficient road network covering 30.29% of the area for smooth connectivity within the development.

Investment and Development Plan :

The project is designed for residential purposes with well-defined plot areas, ensuring a structured and organized development. The availability of parks and service areas adds value to the living experience.

Investment Plan and Bank Loans :

The project is designed to be investment-friendly, with approvals from relevant authorities ensuring a secure investment:

Projects Information:

  • T & CP Approved
  • Development Permission Received
  • RERA Approved
  • CC Approved

These approvals facilitate easy financing options from various banks for prospective buyers.

Activities and Future Projects :

The surrounding area is poised for extensive development, including:

 Corporate Offices

 Shopping Malls and Multiplexes

 Sports Complex

 Medical Hub

 Convention Center

These projects are expected to significantly increase the value of properties in the vicinity, offering promising returns on investment.

This comprehensive summary covers the key aspects of the residential development project, providing a clear picture for potential investors and residents.


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